Millar to Sox fans: Lay off Renteria

Millar to Sox fans: Lay off Renteria

BOSTON -- Kevin Millar, sore left foot and all, took the occasion following Sunday's game to make a request of the media and Red Sox fans -- go easy on Edgar Renteria.

Millar, making a comparison to his famous "Cowboy Up" rally cry of August 2003, felt it time to stand up for the shortstop. Renteria was booed again during the 5-2 win over Atlanta after going 0-for-4, which dropped his average to .239.

"Fans have the right to do whatever they want," Millar said. "I'm just saying let's not boo him over salary. They're obviously booing him over performance. They gave him $40 million -- what does that have to do with anything?

"The point being, the guy comes out here and works hard, and don't let six weeks shadow eight years of greatness. The guy's a great player. My message for Red Sox fans is, 'Lay off Edgar Renteria, he's going to be fine. The Sox will be OK. We're battling right now. Get on me, I [stink]. I [stink].'"

Millar, who is batting only .243 with two homers, said while he took the initiative over the weekend to give Renteria a pep talk, the shortstop did not vent any frustration about the recent booing at Fenway.

"I feel it's my right to stand up, because I'm not a very good player, but I bring some intangibles and it's my job to speak about the way I feel about Edgar Renteria," Millar said. "He's my teammate, my family member, and I think he's a great player."

Before signing his four-year deal in December, Renteria was a lifetime .289 hitter with 83 homers and 565 RBIs in eight full Major League seasons.

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