Francona recalls his Draft experience

Francona recalls his Draft experience

BALTIMORE -- When Red Sox manager Terry Francona was drafted, there was no televised broadcast of the event, no doctor examinations of the draftees and certainly no multi-million-dollar signing bonuses.

The Cubs drafted Francona out of high school, and as was customary procedure at the time, he was asked to work out despite having a separated shoulder that cost him all but 10 at-bats of his senior season.

"The guy came to the house, the scout, and said, 'We'd really like to see you work out. We'd like to draft you, but we'd have to see you,'" Francona said. "My arm was in a sling. I was stupid, thinking about it. I played in the game, I went 0-for-4, struck out a couple times. They still drafted me. They offered me $18,000, so I went to college. When I got to college, they came back and made an offer before the first class: $19,000. Shows how much times have changed."

Francona was eventually drafted 22nd overall by the Expos in 1980, the same year his University of Arizona team won the College World Series, with Francona being named the Most Outstanding Player.

He went on to play 10 big league seasons as a first baseman and outfielder, batting . 274 with 16 homers and 143 RBIs.