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Red Sox rotate corner infielders in NL park

Red Sox rotate corner infielders in NL park

DENVER -- When the Red Sox arrived at Coors Field for Tuesday night's game, there was nowhere for slugger David Ortiz to play. The Red Sox are playing under National League rules for the next six games, which means they won't have a designated hitter.

However, Ortiz is not going to fall off the map. Manager Terry Francona's plan -- at least for the three games at Denver -- is for Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and Adrian Beltre to make two starts each. When Beltre gets his day off, Youkilis will move across the diamond to third, opening up first base for Ortiz.

"And that leaves Mikey Lowell out, too," said Francona. "It's hard. It's actually a little bit unfair. You do the best you can."


After these six games, the Red Sox will be done with Interleague Play for the season. However, Francona hopes he has to play under NL rules one more time this season because that would mean the Red Sox are in the World Series.