Pedroia hoping to lose boot, crutches soon

Pedroia hoping to lose boot, crutches soon

BOSTON -- Before Wednesday's game against the Rays, Red Sox players and coaches watched as Dustin Pedroia knelt on the grass by second base, taking grounders.

Pedroia, who broke his left foot Friday after fouling a ball off it, is trying to do anything to keep his arm in shape.

"I was out there for about five minutes. I am pretty bored. I really don't have a lot to do right now," said Pedroia, who is on crutches and is wearing a boot.

Even with Boston's second baseman expected to miss roughly six weeks, he is hoping to start walking on his foot in the next few weeks as he continues non-weight-bearing training.

Hearing about Pedroia's fielding drills before the game didn't surprise manager Terry Francona, who is trying to keep a close eye on the him.

"He's a maniac. He knows he can't put any weight on that foot and he knows he's going to slow himself down if he does," Francona said. "So, he'll abide by the rules, but he's gong to bend them as much as he can."

While the injury will keep him out awhile, Pedroia has a clear objective in sight.

"I have been doing my treatment all the time," he said. "Hopefully it doesn't take six weeks and I am back earlier than that. It is my goal.

"Hopefully I heal fast and it won't be that long, I will be all right. If we keep winning, I will be fine. If we start losing, I might panic and start walking, but I will be all right."