V-Mart progressing on left side

V-Mart progressing on left side

BOSTON -- Continuing to recover from a broken left thumb, Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez took batting practice from the left side Friday for the second consecutive day.

"From the left side, that's the one thing he can kind of handle, and if you saw him, he's swinging the bat pretty well actually," manager Terry Francona said. "Right-handed, he still can't do it, and he can't catch yet."

Martinez sustained the injury to his left thumb June 27 at San Francisco after a foul tip off his glove, and he has been on the disabled list since June 28.

The Boston catcher had a scan on his broken thumb before Thursday's game, and he said it showed his thumb getting a lot better.

"Once we can get that glove on and he can catch, they can rig up a sort of contraption to take away some of the pressure," Francona said. "But he's just not there yet."

While Martinez has continued to have swelling in his thumb, he is more concerned with any lingering pain.

"I don't care if it's still swelling, but if the pain is still there, I won't be able to play a full inning," said Martinez.