Bowden has second interview

Bowden has second interview with Boston

BOSTON -- The Red Sox took another procedural step in their search for a general manager, conducting a second interview with Nationals GM Jim Bowden on Monday.

Bowden became the second candidate to have a second interview, as Jim Beattie and his wife had dinner at the home of Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino last Friday.

"It was a mixture of a social evening as well as... I think it's an opportunity for them to get to know me personally as well as professionally and there was a component of both sides of that Friday night," Beattie said.

Efforts to reach Bowden were unsuccessful.

The Red Sox had a first interview with White Sox director of player development Dave Wilder on Saturday. It has not been announced yet if Wilder will have a second interview.

There are expected to be additional interviews in the coming days, but the names of those candidates have yet to be announced.

And the club said in a brief statement Monday night that the process will be interrupted by the Thanksgiving holiday later this week.

As for Beattie, who was recently dismissed from his post in the Orioles' front office, he enjoyed meeting with Lucchino and team chairman Tom Werner in a more social setting.

"In something like this, when you're developing relationships, it takes a while to really get to know someone," said Beattie. "I held my fork right, I tried to do all the social graces correctly in a dinner environment.

"There was also a time where we sat together and just kind of talked about the club and my thoughts on the club and my thoughts on a few other things as well."

There is plenty to discuss when it comes to the club.

Star slugger Manny Ramirez and veteran left-hander David Wells have both asked to be traded; center fielder Johnny Damon is a free agent, as is third baseman Bill Mueller.

And there have been plenty of rumblings that the Red Sox are trying to acquire Josh Beckett in a deal with the Marlins which, according to reports, would also bring third baseman Mike Lowell to Boston.

For now, there is not a general manager to orchestrate such a significant move. Instead, the Red Sox have a committee of officials collaborating on the offseason plans, including Bill Lajoie, Jed Hoyer, Peter Woodfork, Craig Shipley and Ben Cherington.

To get Beckett, the Red Sox would likely have to give up some significant prospects, including shortstop Hanley Ramirez and probably a pitcher.

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