Buchholz likely to go on short rest

Buchholz likely to go on short rest

BOSTON -- Things could always change, but as of right now, manager Terry Francona is leaning toward pitching Clay Buchholz on three days' rest on Wednesday night against the Rays, the team the Red Sox trail in the American League Wild Card standings.

That was originally supposed to be Buchholz's start anyway, but Friday night's rainout means he would now have to pitch that game on short rest, something the righty has never done in his career.

"We'll see," Francona said. "We had talked to him before, about what we were thinking about doing. And he has no hesitancy at all. I think out of common sense we'll make sure there's nothing that gets in the way. But I think he'll be OK."

The reason for pitching Buchholz on Wednesday was pretty obvious to Francona.

"We're trying to win, we're trying to win," Francona said. "It's kind of an obvious one. And the rainout forced our hand a little bit. We can either go [with a] bullpen day against Tampa [Bay] or pitch Buck."

Buchholz is having a breakout season for the Red Sox. He is 15-6 with a 2.25 ERA in 24 starts.