Jackson sends letter to Red Sox fans

Jackson sends letter to Red Sox fans

BOSTON -- Dismissed Red Sox batting coach Ron Jackson has sent a letter to the team, its players and fans.

Speaking by phone Monday night, Jackson, who was officially dismissed along with pitching coach Dave Wallace earlier in the day, said he hopes to return to the game "and doing what I love to do, which is teaching the art of hitting."

Jackson handled being replaced with his usual dignity.

"I'm not here to blame anybody," he said. "We're hired to be fired. I'm disappointed, yes I am. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't disappointed."

He also read the letter, which he later sent via e-mail.

I want to thank the Red Sox and all the fans of this great team. I will always be able to cherish being a part of Boston's long road back to the World Series, and I loved watching the development and the hard work of the players during my time here in Boston.

During my tenure here in Boston, I was proud to be part of one of the most explosive offenses in baseball and Red Sox history. I am happy to say I was part of that. One of the most memorable things in Boston for me was working with the world-class hitters on this club, especially David Ortiz. Working with David and watching him train every day to develop into the player that he is today is something I will remember forever.

I am sure that Terry's decision to move in a different direction without me is part of the logical plan to help the team get back on track to another World Series which the fans, the guys on the team, and the whole organization deserve.

Boston is a great sports city, and I have every confidence the ownership and management will create a combination of players that will work together to win again.

Thank you for sharing some of these important memories in life with me over the past four seasons.

I will miss you all.

Ron "Papa Jack" Jackson

There was a P.S.: "I want to make sure Tom Brady knows that, although I'm no longer with the Red Sox, I'll always be his personal hitting coach and he can come take BP with me any time."

Jackson said Brady, the Patriots quarterback who has taken batting practice with the Sox, "tells everybody I'm his batting coach. It's funny."

Jackson defended the job he did by pointing to the number of injuries endured by his hitters this year.

"Everything went south on us," he said. "Check the stats -- we were hitting .284 in the first half of the season and then we got hurt. When you put players out there that are role players ... I talked to a few of those players and they said, 'My body's killing me.' I'm not trying to down-rate our bench or down-rate our players, but one time we had two players on the bench -- [Gabe] Kapler and [Alex] Cora. We had more pitchers on the roster than we had players.

"Just look at the guys we lost -- David Ortiz for 10 days, Manny Ramirez, [Jason] Varitek, [Trot] Nixon, Coco Crisp was hurt. It goes on and on."

He said he will take some time to be with his family and ultimately hopes to return to the game he loves.

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