Francona confident in pitching coach Young

Francona confident in pitching coach Young

BOSTON -- The starting rotation an utter disappointment through the first 10 games of the season, Red Sox manager Terry Francona says that new pitching coach Curt Young is handling the situation as well as possible.

"Well, I think he's the easiest guy in the world to talk to," Francona said. "He's got that quiet confidence and real easy demeanor. All the things you heard the pitchers in Oakland talk about, you can kind of see why that's true. When he talks to you, he just talks to you. It's kind of like when [hitting coach Dave Magadan] talks hitting, the things he says seem so common sense to him. Then when you walk away, you say, 'that makes a lot of sense.' He doesn't miss much during a game. He doesn't miss too much."

Boston starters have produced just two quality starts over the first 10 games. Following Josh Beckett's masterpiece on Sunday night, Daisuke Matsuzaka got shellacked on Monday, giving up seven runs over the first two innings.

Francona is confident the pitching staff can turn it around, helped by Young's tutelage.

"He won't panic either," Francona said. "We all certainly want to do our jobs the best we can. There's a reason he's here. We think a lot of this guy. A time and a half through the rotation won't change how we feel."