Bruins bring Stanley Cup to Fenway Park

Bruins bring Stanley Cup to Fenway Park

Bruins bring Stanley Cup to Fenway Park
BOSTON -- The Bruins brought the Stanley Cup to Fenway Park on Sunday, and the crowd showed the same outpouring of affection that the entire city did during the Bruins' parade through town a day earlier.

"There was a lot going on. I thought it was exciting," manager Terry Francona said after Boston's 12-3 win over Milwaukee. "I think the fans enjoyed it. I think the players enjoyed it. I thought the Brewers players enjoyed it. It was nice to see the Bruins get to celebrate their championship in our ballpark. "When we scored six runs in the first inning, it makes it even better."

Four duck boats full of Bruins entered from center field and circled around the stadium before first pitch, and the players tossed souvenirs to the crowd as flags sporting Bruins' names and numbers waved in the stands.

Before the game, the Bruins visited the Sox clubhouse, and the players were thrilled.

"I got to see some of the Bruins players up close. ... I took a picture with the trophy," Jacoby Ellsbury said. "It was nice to see, all the fans were really excited."

"It felt great," said David Ortiz, who picked up the cup. "You don't get to see a trophy like that every day. They hung out in the clubhouse. We took some good pictures."

After the duck boats circled the field, the Bruins walked to the infield, and the Red Sox lined up in foul territory between the dugouts. Zdeno Chara held the Stanley Cup above his head and placed it on the mound before the all Bruins threw a ceremonial first pitchs.

"It was good to congratulate to the guys," Adrian Gonzalez said, "and just to let 'em know that we're proud of them."