Ortiz excited for Home Run Derby

Ortiz excited for Home Run Derby

Ortiz excited for Home Run Derby
HOUSTON -- David Ortiz expressed excitement on Friday about the opportunity Major League Baseball has granted him to be the American League's captain in this year's State Farm Home Run Derby.

Ortiz won the Derby last year in Anaheim, and this year, he gets the honor of picking his three AL teammates for the Derby. Prince Fielder is the captain of the NL's four-man team.

"I'm talking to some guys," Ortiz said. "I'm not going to tell you guys right now. I'm going to tell you guys a few days later after the guys agree to be in. We're just going to try to put a show on."

While some players are reluctant to participate in the Derby, Ortiz has always relished the showcase event.

"I remember, when I went back to my country after last year's season, man, it was unbelievable how many people came to me and told me how excited the whole country was about the Home Run Derby," Ortiz said. "It seemed like everything just stopped for the Home Run Derby last year. From here, I don't even have to tell you, everybody is really enjoying the Home Run Derby. We exchanged ideas, me and some people from MLB, and they came out with that idea, and yeah, now we're going to move it on."

While Jose Bautista is the most obvious candidate for Ortiz to solicit, he wouldn't divulge any of the names. His teammate Adrian Gonzalez is also someone he might call on.

"I have three guys in mind, but I haven't talked to them, so I can't give you guys any details right now," Ortiz said. "But you guys will find out."