Crisp has run-in with Mariners mascot

Crisp has run-in with Mariners mascot

SEATTLE -- Red Sox center fielder Coco Crisp just missed getting run over by a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle driven by the Mariner Moose as he ran onto the field in the middle of the fifth inning Sunday.

The Moose was starting his routine that involved the ATV in front of the Red Sox dugout. As Crisp took the field, the Moose pulled forward and clipped the Boston outfielder on the leg. Crisp fell to the ground, but quickly regained his footing and went on his way to his position in center field.

"It hit me, not flush, but it hit me," Crisp good-naturedly explained. "I didn't see it. I just heard it and I jumped back. I'm sure he didn't mean to take me out."

Manager Terry Francona didn't see it live, but he got a play-by-play recap from his players in the dugout.

"I heard it looked like 'Naked Gun,'" Francona said.

Some of the coaching staff that did see the incident reacted less-than-kindly to the mascot, yelling and pointing. Francona was quick to point out that Seattle management had an immediate response to the incident.

"About two minutes later, we had a very kind message from [Seattle GM] Bill Bavasi," the skipper said. "It was a very thoughtful message."

Francona was asked if he would like to be informed in the future of any on-field activities that took place near his team's dugout to avoid future incidents.

"I've got enough to think about let alone the guy on the motorcycle," he said.

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