Jenks riding roller coaster of recovery

Jenks riding roller coaster of recovery

BOSTON -- Bobby Jenks' recovery from tightness in his back continues to be an up-and-down ride.

Manager Terry Francona said that the right-handed reliever felt "just OK" on Tuesday after feeling "great" when throwing the day before. Jenks threw again on Wednesday, and pitching coach Curt Young called it Jenks' "best day."

"[We're] trying to figure out if it was from maybe doing too much lifting or from the throwing," Francona said about how Jenks felt on Monday. "So we just are kind of going back and forth, probably not coming as quick as everyone would like, including himself. He had gotten that cortisone shot before we left, and he felt really good."

Jenks threw about 36 pitches on Wednesday, and the team will continue to evaluate him daily. Jenks has been on the disabled list three times this season and missed 66 games.

He is 2-2 with a 6.32 ERA in 19 appearances.