Healthy Morales regains effectiveness

Healthy Morales regains effectiveness

BOSTON -- Left-hander Franklin Morales briefly scrapped his curveball when he went on the disabled list after just one appearance with the Red Sox in late May.

"When his elbow came up a little sore, he mainly said it was because of his curveball," pitching coach Curt Young said.

Now healthy, Morales has regained his curve, and through some work with Young, he's shown how effective he can be. The 25-year-old tied season highs with two innings and three strikeouts against the Indians in Tuesday's 3-2 Red Sox win. He allowed no runs and one hit, giving the Red Sox a chance to come back from a one-run deficit.

Morales hasn't allowed runs in 12 of his last 14 games since coming off the DL on June 28, posting a 3.46 ERA in that time.

In addition to keeping Morales healthy and bringing back the hook, Young worked on Morales' focus on the catcher's target by watching video.

"He's feeling 100 percent healthy, definitely bringing that pitch back into play," Young said. "Just a little focus thing on seeing the glove a little bit better. It's just him watching himself on TV, a matter of how good you see the glove."