Youk returns; plans offseason hernia surgery

Youk returns; plans offseason hernia surgery

Youk returns; plans offseason hernia surgery
BOSTON -- Kevin Youkilis is planning to undergo sports hernia surgery, but until the offseason, he plans to play through the pain of that injury, as well as the bursitis in his left hip.

"I'm doing basically the same," the third baseman said before the Red Sox and Blue Jays played Tuesday at Fenway Park. "Basically, it's just going out there and playing, playing through it, and after the season, I'm going to address the sports hernia issue by getting surgery. It's an easy procedure that a lot of guys have done."

Batting fifth, Youkilis was hit in the area of his left hip by the Jays' Brandon Morrow in his first at-bat. Youkilis hadn't played since Thursday in Toronto.

The decision to reinsert Youkilis was made after he worked out on a team off-day Monday, and manager Terry Francona plans to get Youkilis rest going forward.

"Youk came out yesterday and worked out a little bit. If he wouldn't have done that, he probably wouldn't have been able to play today," Francona said. "I called him a couple of times, and he said, 'Nah, I'm ready to go.' Because he knows where he's at physically, he's probably able to try to get through this a little bit. You may not see him steal 30 bases, which probably wasn't going to happen anyway, but he can still be productive like he was."

Youkilis said he would try to play through his injuries even if the Red Sox weren't suddenly facing a pennant race. Though the bursitis and hernia are in the similar areas, Youkilis said he wasn't sure how correlated the two injuries are. Youkilis received an injection to calm the inflammation in his hip, but he said its effects were not miraculous.

"In September, there are always a lot of guys hurting and feeling stuff. I've been unfortunate with my hip that it just never really has healed," Youkilis said. "It basically has been inflamed. We tried with the injection. It's one of those things where you hope it gets better and better, but it just hasn't. ... We've got some special padding to put on it for sliding and all the other things. Basically, we're going to attack it as best we can, go day to day and play as best as I can tolerate it. Hopefully that's every day and all nine innings."