Adrian mum on whether right shoulder is ailing

Adrian mum on whether right shoulder is ailing

Adrian mum on whether right shoulder is ailing
BOSTON -- Seasons have ebb and flows, but Adrian Gonzalez's has taken a noticeable turn since July.

Still productive despite going hitless in his last three games entering Sunday, Gonzalez is hitting .271 in September, following an August where he hit .283. Those are fine numbers, just not Gonzalez-esque numbers: the lowest average he put up in the first four calendar months of the season was .314, and the highest an astounding .404.

On Saturday, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that Gonzalez said his right shoulder -- the one that was surgically operated on after last season -- was feeling fatigued.

Gonzalez declined to discuss whether the shoulder was weak on Saturday and Sunday, while manager Terry Francona provided an answer, albeit one of little detail.

"You know what? Maybe," Francona said. "I don't know. I don't feel the need to announce every single bump and bruise and inadequacy that we have. That's not going to help us win at all."

Rosenthal also reported that Gonzalez was "unable to take" batting practice on the field Saturday, which Francona clarified as an every-other-day situation that wasn't new.

"That's a little hard for me. Gonzi has been taking BP every other day on the field for about a month and a half," Francona said. "When FOX comes in and announces that, they could have announced it in July, and then I have to answer it. That's not any big surprise. He's backed off for a long time."

Gonzalez's on-base percentage in September is strong at .435, as is his slugging percentage, at .542. But he acknowledged Saturday that he doesn't feel right at the plate mechanically, making that statement in response to a question that was not about his shoulder.

"We're, well, I shouldn't say we are, but personally, I'm swinging at pitches I shouldn't be swinging at," Gonzalez said after the Sox fell to the Rays, 4-3, on Saturday. "I'm not mechanically right and chasing pitches down. I could have walked every at-bat this series so far. I'm just trying to get too overaggressive and trying to make things happen instead of just taking walks."