Woozy Lugo gets night off

Woozy Lugo gets night off

MINNEAPOLIS -- A woozy Julio Lugo was scratched from the Red Sox's lineup on Saturday night after taking a knee to the head on a forceout the previous evening.

Manager Terry Francona originally had Lugo in the lineup at shortstop, but switched to Jed Lowrie. Lugo was scheduled to undergo some precautionary medical tests as the Red Sox prepared to take on the Twins.

"I was still dizzy when I got up [Saturday morning]," Lugo said. "I didn't know I was going to feel like that today."

Lugo took the blow to the head in the sixth inning on Friday night as he was forced out at second. He said he experienced initial dizziness, but it eventually went away and he managed to finish the game. At one point, Lugo said he thought he might have to come out.

Lugo's headache didn't affect his sense of humor. When asked if the doctor might test him by asking what city he's in, Lugo smiled and said: "I'm in Detroit."

Lugo expressed confidence that he'll be fine with a night of rest.

"He'll get examined," Francona said. "With a mild concussion ... we've probably all had them."

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