Back stiffness prevents Youk from road trip

Back stiffness prevents Youk from road trip

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Kevin Youkilis was originally scheduled to make Sunday's more than two-hour bus ride from Fort Myers to play the Blue Jays, but those plans changed when he developed back stiffness.

"He had three at-bats yesterday and had a little stiffness in his lower back, so he stayed back for treatment," said Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. "He'll get Minor League at-bats tomorrow, so he can get caught up with as many as he needs."

In the Minor League environment, Youkilis could bat in every inning, if that's what he and the Red Sox decide.

"Sometimes we've gone over there and said, 'Get eight at-bats,' and after about six, guys have really had enough. And Youk's at-bats are usually pretty extensive," Valentine said. "But he's not going to run around the bases. He's going to see pitches and have at-bats."

Youkilis is hitting .214 with no homers and two at-bats in 28 at-bats this spring.