Valentine comfortable with outfield alignment

Valentine comfortable with outfield alignment

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Though his team will be without Carl Crawford for a large chunk of April, if not the whole month, manager Bobby Valentine sounds comfortable with what he has to work with in the outfield.

Jacoby Ellsbury will be the mainstay, playing center field every day. That leaves Cody Ross, Ryan Sweeney and Darnell McDonald to share the corner spots.

From what Valentine has seen, Sweeney will stay in right field. He also likes the way Ross has looked in left during spring, protecting the Green Monster-replica.

If the Red Sox are facing a lefty, and both McDonald and Ross are in the lineup, Ross would probably move to right.

"I'm very comfortable with Ryan Sweeney and Cody playing any position in the outfield, even though I haven't seen Ryan in center," Valentine said. "Darnell, I think is capable of playing the corners. I don't really foresee Ryan Sweeney playing left."