Lin's first stay in Majors could be short-lived

Lin's first stay in Majors could be short-lived

BOSTON -- Che-Hsuan Lin's first day in the big leagues was Saturday, when he arrived at Fenway Park after leaving Triple-A Pawtucket on the road in Rochester, N.Y. Lin may need to soak it all in quickly, too, because the Red Sox's roster could change again as soon as Sunday, manager Bobby Valentine said.

"Could, yeah," Valentine said of a roster move coming Sunday. "Definitely could."

Lin provides insurance in center with Jacoby Ellsbury on the disabled list. Lin, 23, has played center in his six games with Pawtucket this season, going 3-for-20 with a double and a home run. He's known well for his glove, less so for his Minor League lifetime .256 average. Lin's been in the Red Sox's organization since June 2007, when he signed as an international free agent.

"I always like to think that people can help us," Valentine said. "I think this move is a little premature to say that he's ready to help us with the bat."

The Red Sox have been carrying 13 pitchers since the season started, and they were on the brink of reducing that number to 12 Saturday night, but Ellsbury's injury complicated matters, as did another set of circumstances Valentine only explained in tongues. Again, clarity could come Sunday.

"There was a situation that we were kind of waiting on that now has happened, so now we can move forward," Valentine said. "But there was a complicating situation that an injury complicated, so we decided to wait on this day with the day game and all. Actually, there was a complicated situation in the Minor Leagues that complicated the situation that was making things very complicated after Jacoby complicated it even more -- if you can imagine that. But that was it. We almost solved it about 1:30 last night, but we didn't."