Youkilis moves past flare-up with Valentine

Youkilis moves past flare-up with Valentine

Youkilis moves past flare-up with Valentine
BOSTON -- There's all sorts of fast healing going on for Kevin Youkilis.

The Red Sox's third baseman was back in the lineup Tuesday against the Rangers, a day after he sat because of a bothersome right groin and dealt with his manager, Bobby Valentine, who appeared critical of the veteran in a TV interview Sunday.

"I really don't want to talk much about [the Valentine situation] anymore," Youkilis said. "I said what I said yesterday and that's all I got for you."

That took care of one issue. As for the other, Youkilis said his groin, which he hurt scoring the go-ahead run Sunday against Tampa Bay on a 270-foot dash from first to home, was no longer a problem.

"I slid kind of funky and I just kind of grabbed a little bit on the slide," Youkilis said. "Just the way I slid around the thing, it kind of just caught a little funky. ... It was one of those things where if it was a seven o'clock game, it would've been fine, but the medical stuff didn't want to any [risks] earlier and do some work with me longer. So we took care of it and it's all good."

Though Youkilis was reluctant to talk about the verbal dust-up that ensued when Valentine appeared to question his dedication, Youkilis did say he hoped the team would be able to move forward. Valentine apologized Monday, and general manager Ben Cherington addressed the situation as well.

Teammates like Dustin Pedroia came to Youkilis' defense quickly, and he appreciated that.

"It's always good when you're teammates have your back, and that's what we've done for each other," Youkilis said. "It's good. There's a lot of good guys in here and there's things we do off the field, too, and we stick together, and this environment can be rough. In this town, sometimes, if you're not playing [well] the first four games and stuff like that, it can be a little rough, so you have to stick together. We've done a good job with that."