Upbeat Ellsbury focused on rehab of shoulder

Upbeat Ellsbury focused on rehab of shoulder

BOSTON -- Five days after suffering a subluxed (partially dislocated) right shoulder, center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury held court with the media.

If you were expecting a downcast Ellsbury, you'd be wrong. If anything, he was optimistic and looking forward to his return to the lineup.

Ellsbury is expected to miss a minimum of six weeks.

"Putting a lot of work in," Ellsbury said. "Right now, we're doing a lot of icing to get the swelling out. Once the swelling subsides, I can start getting exercises, that sort of thing, in the shoulder. As far as the timeline, we don't have one right now."

Did Ellsbury see the replay of Reid Brignac falling on his shoulder?

"I looked at it one time. Once was enough for me," Ellsbury said.

As unfortunate as the injury was, Ellsbury realizes it was unavoidable.

"Playing the game the right way, trying to break up a double play ball," Ellsbury said. "Reid is doing everything he can to make the play. Two guys going hard, playing the game the right way."