Valentine says he needs to do better

Valentine says he needs to do better

Valentine says he needs to do better
BOSTON -- Following Saturday's crushing loss to the Yankees, in which the Red Sox blew a nine-run lead, general manager Ben Cherington praised manager Bobby Valentine for the job he has done early in the season.

But rather than accept the pat on the back, Valentine said he needs to do better.

The Red Sox are 4-10 as they head to Minneapolis for the start of a seven-game road trip.

"I'm not satisfied with the job [I've done]," said Valentine. "I don't need to hear from Ben or ownership or fans or anyone else. I need to do better. In every way."

Valentine says you just need to look at the standings to see what kind of job he's done.

"The record is the only thing I'm judged on," he said. "That's kind of how I judge myself. Pretty high standard. There's been some good things. Just like players. Some of the guys who are in slumps have actually played pretty well at times. I don't accept four wins in 14 games."

After Saturday's game, Cherington, assistant general manager Brian O'Halloran, owner John Henry and team president/CEO Larry Lucchino huddled with Valentine.

"I think when people get together and discuss what is a real situation or a problem, the best comes out of it," Valentine said. "You figure out collectively things that should be done, always."