Ortiz taking what opposition gives him

Ortiz taking what opposition gives him

Ortiz taking what opposition gives him
CHICAGO -- David Ortiz will cool off at some point. Even the best hitters do. But for now, the Red Sox will just sit back and enjoy the slugger's red-hot start.

Even in frigid conditions on Friday night in Chicago, Ortiz walloped a two-run homer to right, his fourth on the season, during a 10-3 victory.

He leads the American League with a .425 average and is second with a .476 on-base percentage. This, to go along with a .699 slugging percentage.

Be it against lefties or righties, Ortiz is hammering the baseball.

"He's swinging the bat very well. He's playing with a great deal of confidence and enjoying what he's doing," said Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. "We talked about hitting the ball to left field. Tonight, he hit the ball to right. We talked about hitting the slider. He hit the fastball. He's just locked in."

Since Aug. 7, 2011, Ortiz leads the Majors with a .386 batting average.

"Oh yeah, I'm not really thinking about it. If you watch the game, they only pitch me away," said Ortiz.

In other words, he's going with the pitch and often beating the shift, which leaves the entire left side of the infield vacated.

"Oh yeah, I want to see if I can hit .350 this year," quipped Ortiz. "That's the only way. I'm working hard, man. I don't do anything different but keep on working."