Byrd finding his groove with Red Sox

Byrd finding his groove with Red Sox

Byrd finding his groove with Red Sox
CHICAGO -- Marlon Byrd was in an epic slump with the Chicago Cubs? You'd never know it by watching his first few days with the Red Sox.

Byrd is hitting .333 for the Red Sox and has at least one hit in his first six games with the team. This, after he went just 3-for-43 with the Cubs.

He cites a couple of different reasons for his turnaround, including some work in the batting cage with new hitting coach Dave Magadan.

"He looked at my 2009 at-bats and 2010 at-bats and tried to just simplify things, getting me to my old stance, getting my hands back as far as I can early and then seeing the ball and hitting it," Byrd said. "I'm still working."

And according to Byrd, being part of a prolific offense has played no small role in how he is hitting the ball.

"Hitting is contagious," Byrd said. "You see these guys hitting, for some reason, it always clicks like that.

"It's just a combination of things, change of scenery, being comfortable, knowing that at some point the ball was going to fall. Having guys in front of you in the lineup, seeing how they pitch, seeing the guys hitting. It's a combination of things. The good thing is I'm finally hitting, thank goodness."

The Red Sox are 6-0 with Byrd in the fold. This, after a 4-10 start.

"I just like his energy. He's got bounce in his step," said manager Bobby Valentine. "He's ready to go. I don't want to say it's contagious or it's anything we needed, but it was a great, added feature to our group. And his at-bats, we're getting used to his approach and his at-bats, but he's getting hits. That's all that matters."