Valentine visits Negro Leagues Museum

Valentine visits Negro Leagues Museum

KANSAS CITY -- Rather than sitting around his hotel room, manager Bobby Valentine took a field trip on Tuesday morning as he received a guided tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

It was an experience Valentine won't soon forget.

"Great, it was great. I think everyone should go, yeah. It was my first time," Valentine said. "It's spectacular."

What in particular stood out for Valentine?

"I like how they defined the most important moments of the league's history and how it paralleled with the growth and development of our country," Valentine said. "The demise of their league and growth of our country -- they run kind of parallel paths."

With the All-Star festivities set for Kansas City in July, Valentine suggests that the museum expand its hours so it can accommodate everyone who wants to see it.

"I hope they go 24/7," Valentine said. "I would recommend that those four days they recommend every hour of the day and get the busses there at 4 in the morning."