Close play at first leads to Valentine's ejection

Close play at first leads to Valentine's ejection

BOSTON -- With a few finger wags and jumps, Bobby Valentine took his first ejection as manager of the Red Sox on Friday night, on the second-to-last out of a 6-4 loss to the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

Marlon Byrd hit a grounder up the middle, and according to first-base umpire Gary Darling, did not beat the throw of shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who made a ranging play to his left.

First-base coach Alex Ochoa argued the play before Valentine ran out. Valentine was animated, jumping up and down to illustrate the throw pulled first baseman Ty Wigginton off the bag. After a heated discussion, Valentine walked away from Darling.

"I thought he was off, I thought he had left the base," said Valentine, who has been ejected 38 times in his career as a big league manager.

Darling's gum fell out of his mouth as he and Valentine talked, and Valentine walked away pointing. It appeared in reaching for the gum, Darling might have made contact with Valentine, who after the game waved off a question about any contact.