Cherington: Sox have a lot of respect for Ortiz

Cherington: Sox have a lot of respect for Ortiz

BALTIMORE -- If David Ortiz truly believes, as he told, that he gets "no respect from the media, no respect from the front office," general manager Ben Cherington could not disagree more.

In the article with, Ortiz raised the point that his leadership skills are not appreciated.

"I think David's been a leader on the field and off the field for the entire time in Boston, but certainly this year since I've been GM," Cherington said. "He's stepped up on and off the field, started the first day of Spring Training and reported in great shape. He's played hard, he's run ground balls out, he's done what he needs to do on the field, he's done what he needs to do in the clubhouse. He's been a huge part of our team and a big reason why we've gotten through some tough patches early in the season. We're certainly happy and lucky he's on our side."

Cherington admitted he didn't know the context of the interview Ortiz did following Monday's game.

"It's hard," Cherington said. "I don't know exactly the context of the question that was asked and how it was presented. I think there are moments during a season when especially in a place like this where there's a lot of attention on everything we do, where we get frustrated.

"We're coming off a good win that he was a big part of, so I don't know. Maybe there was something about the way the question was asked that he didn't like. I feel pretty good about our relationship with David, we certainly support him and have a lot of respect for him and want him to be on our side and I'm glad he is."