Crawford tweaking throwing mechanics

Crawford tweaking throwing mechanics

Crawford tweaking throwing mechanics
BOSTON -- When left fielder Carl Crawford attempts to throw again, perhaps as soon as in 10 days, he'll have an altered throwing motion to help keep his left elbow healthy.

"There's a mechanic that we'd like to see Carl use, which I would think would be proper," manager Bobby Valentine said Tuesday. "There's a turn of the body, a step of the legs, a late rotation with the upper body rather than an early rotation with the upper body, and that's kind of a movement from the bottom to the top, a kinetic link from the feet to the place it's being propelled, so we'd just like him to start getting that linkage."

Valentine said Crawford requested the team's help in changing his mechanics. He hasn't played an organized game since last season ended. Crawford underwent offseason left wrist surgery, and in April he was diagnosed with a UCL sprain in his left elbow.

Crawford's been hitting off a tee and taking soft toss, but he does not expect a setback while hitting. Throwing is the rub.

"You got to remember, swinging was never the problem," Crawford said after taking 15 soft-toss swings. "That's going to be the true test. I can do all the stuff, but the true test is whenever I start back throwing and I finally get to see how that feels, and that's when I really know where I'm at.

"I think I'm about 10 days away, somewhere around there, two weeks, 10 days away from throwing."

While Crawford will eventually return to Fort Myers, Fla., for rehab games, Valentine said he wants Crawford's "throwing program, his hitting program to be supervised as much as possible, especially at the beginning," which may keep Crawford with the Sox for a bit.

As for a rehab timetable, Valentine mentioned 10 days of five at-bats as a possibility, but he said it'll be ultimately up to Crawford to determine when he's found his timing. Crawford said he doesn't know yet when he'll face pitching. Valentine said Crawford took 60 swings off the tee on Monday, a number that could be surpassed Tuesday.