Worlds apart, but Bays stay connected

Worlds apart, but Bays stay connected

CHICAGO -- As if Jason Bay isn't getting enough enjoyment out of his red-hot start with the Boston Red Sox, the outfielder has something else to smile about these days.

His sister, Lauren Bay Regula, is in Beijing, getting ready to pitch for the Team Canada softball team in the Olympics.

"It's fun, because you get so involved and so engulfed into what we're doing here over the course of a Major League season," said Bay. "It's exciting for me to get excited about something else. It's something to follow. Sometimes the season keeps going on and you keep doing what you're doing. For a couple of weeks, I'll have something else to get excited about and follow and I like that."

With the time difference, how will Bay keep tabs on his sister?

"The best thing to do is the Internet, and my parents will be over there and her husband. I'll get phone calls and updates," said Bay. "We don't get a lot of Canadian softball coverage down here. You'll take what you can get."

Bay also monitored his sister during the last Olympics, which was played in Athens four years ago.

"In Athens, they were playing at three, four in the morning," said Bay. "I'd get up, check the Internet or I'd get a phone call waking me up and letting me know."

The way Bay describes it, there wasn't a whole lot of sibling rivalry going on during his childhood in a town in British Columbia, Canada, called Trail. Instead, it was just a brother and sister going about their goals with tremendous support from their parents.

"We kind of just both played and did our thing and didn't really think anything else of it," said Bay. "We grew up, that's what we did. You look back now and think about what's happened and it's pretty neat.

"It was usually one parent with one and the other with the other. You adjust on the fly. They've been great about it. They went to Athens, they're over there now, kind of getting to enjoy it one last time."

While Bay eyes a World Series ring with the Red Sox, his sister is hoping to bring back a souvenir of her own.

"They have a much better team this time, so she's excited about the chances they have to medal," said Bay. "You want to win, you want to come back with a medal and she said that this year the chances of that are much, much greater. I'm glad for that. Hopefully, she brings the medal back."

In a story with on Thursday, Lauren Bay Regula noted how proud she is of her brother.

"I've been to 75 times in the last few days. I've been Googling Jason every morning. I told him, 'I've been stalking you,'" Bay Regula said. "I was stressed out the last week, I'll be honest. Obviously, his name had been up in the air a ton.

"He's great. He said the guys have been unbelievable to him there. Jason is a chameleon. He adapts to any surrounding. At first, I was worried and I tried to protect him, but I know he's going to be just fine."

Now Bay hopes his sister can grab some of the family's spotlight.

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