Bard's second Minors outing an improvement

Bard's second Minors outing an improvement

MIAMI -- Daniel Bard's second outing since being demoted to Triple-A Pawtucket was hardly perfect, but it was better than his first.

Bard pitched an inning out of the bullpen on Monday. After giving up a single and a walk to the first two batters, the righty responded with a groundout and two strikeouts.

After starting in his first game for Pawtucket -- that one was also a one-inning stint -- Bard suggested he pitch his innings out of the bullpen for the foreseeable future.

The goal of the organization is still to get Bard back to the point where he can be an option in the starting rotation. By bunching short innings together, the hope is that Bard can regain his groove quicker.

"It took me two batters to get locked into an arm slot," Bard told reporters in Pawtucket. "I was a little bit lower than I would like to the first couple of hitters, and you saw some balls running away from me. I was able to make the adjustment and pitch pretty well to those last three guys. The nice thing is that I can focus on that and say, 'It wasn't perfect, but it doesn't matter.' I was locked in. I got something good to walk away with on those last three hitters."