Papi only a spectator at this year's Derby

Papi only a spectator at this year's Derby

Papi only a spectator at this year's Derby
SEATTLE -- Slugger David Ortiz won the State Farm Home Run Derby two years ago in Anaheim. He was an enthusiastic captain and participant last year.

However, Big Papi is excited to just be a spectator this year.

"I'm going to enjoy myself really good now, just watching the guys performing out there," Ortiz said. "Fans always like to see me around, because I do enjoy just watching the guys hitting bombs. My dad always tells me, 'Hey, man, you look like a little kid out of there.' Like that one show that Josh Hamilton put on in New York, that was something. I think that was maybe the first time I got tired of watching somebody hitting bombs.

"And my boy [Robinson] Cano last year, and [Adrian Gonzalez] last year, it's fun. I'm going to be like the godfather now. I'm just going to sit and watch."

Why doesn't Ortiz want to participate?

"I got worn out last year," Ortiz said. "I got so tired, and I think it caught up with me later on during the season. I ran out of gas. It was the first time I feel like I was really tired. I guess age is catching up with Papi. I just need to save my energy for the second half now.. But I'm going to have fun."

"I think the Home Run Derby is something that's fun to watch, because you're using your own power. That's how you know when guys really have [power], because you're not using the power coming out of the pitcher's hand. You're using your own power, and you've got to do it over and over and over and over. It's pretty cool."