Red Sox add Germano as reliever

Red Sox add Germano as reliever

OAKLAND -- Justin Germano, who has been dominant as a starting pitcher for Triple-A Pawtucket this season, joined the Red Sox on Wednesday in a long-relief role.

The righty, who went 9-4 with a 2.40 ERA in 17 games, had an opt-out clause in his contract on July 1.

"I think it helped," said Germano. "It definitely put a little bit of pressure on them. I wanted to see where they were at and if they thought they had a place for me. If they didn't, then I'd have to look elsewhere to see if there was a better opportunity somewhere."

Germano has pitched in 79 Major League games, 36 of them starts, going 8-20 with a 5.02 ERA.

Pitching in relief is something Germano has done plenty of in the past.

"I've gotten accustomed to it over the last couple years with Cleveland, being a bullpen option," Germano said. "I think it'll be easy to adapt back to that."