Atchison to see Dr. Andrews about elbow

Atchison to see Dr. Andrews about elbow

BOSTON -- While righty reliever Scott Atchison sure seems to be headed toward Tommy John surgery, he won't decide for sure until he visits noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Fla., on Monday.

"I'll go down there and see what he has to say, maybe go over some options," said Atchison. "I think the MRI definitely showed a tear, but it's a matter of how severe the tear is and what my options are. I know a couple of them. Everybody knows Tommy John is obviously a year. We'll see what he has to say and go from there."

Atchison had been one of Boston's best relievers this season, going 2-1 with a 1.76 ERA in 37 games.

"It's frustrating," Atchison said. "More than anything, it's wanting to be out there with the guys. It's not what my results necessarily were, but being able to contribute and help. It was a good first half. Unfortunately, something like this has happened. I'm going to [wait] until I hear everything on Monday, and then I'll worry about the rest of it. It's a little disappointing, but maybe they'll look at it different or we'll do another one and we'll see something else and there's another option. We'll see."

The injury didn't happen on a specific pitch.

"It was gradual," Atchison said. "I can't go back to one pitch. That's kind of what the doctor told me, just going off what he was reading off the MRI. It looked more like a gradual thing. It didn't look like something just popped right on one pitch, that it was over time. I've thrown a lot of pitches, so that's understandable."