To Valentine, wins and losses trump all

To Valentine, wins and losses trump all

NEW YORK -- In a bit of a humorous give-and-take with a New York writer on Saturday, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was asked how he assesses other managers.

"I don't know," Valentine said. "I only manage. I'm not going to assess managers. That's for all you guys and other people. That's not my job."

If the writer's objective -- albeit indirectly -- was to get Valentine to critique his own performance, he ultimately got the quote he was looking for.

"As far as my job's concerned, whether I'm doing a good job, I'm not doing a good job," Valentine said. "I didn't get paid to do anything other than get to the playoffs, win a lot of games, be in the thick of things right down to the end, even be in first place. The team I'm managing is not there. My job has not been a good job, if I had to assess. But that's not what I do. It's not my job [to assess]."

Valentine's Red Sox entered Saturday's game at Yankee Stadium with a 58-62 record, trailing the Yankees by 13 1/2 games in the American League East and 6 1/2 games off the pace in the AL Wild Card standings.