Red Sox unveil 'retro roadies'

Red Sox unveil 'retro roadies'

The Red Sox will have a new look to them going forward, particularly on the road. At a news conference on Thursday night in Boston, the tradition-laden franchise unveiled new primary and alternate road jerseys for 2009.

The changes were done to put more of an emphasis on returning the visual elements that have made the Red Sox such an influential brand within the sport of baseball. The club will also go with the "Hanging Sox" -- which has been around since 1931 as the new primary logo, and it will be used more frequently and will be displayed on new caps that the Red Sox will wear with their alternate jerseys at home and on the road.

For long-time fans, the new road jersey will be a trip down memory lane, in that it will resemble the road grays worn in the 1980s during the days of Jim Rice, Dwight Evans and Bob Stanley.

The "retro roadies," as the Red Sox referred to them in a press release, will feature the word "BOSTON" in blue lettering across the chest.

"The origin of this was Turn Back the Clock Day in June of '07 in San Diego," said Red Sox COO Mike Dee. "Everybody thought the gray was a bluer gray because of the blue lettering. The bordering makes the same gray look bluer. Basically, we've taken what was the red 'BOSTON' on the front and replaced that with a blue 'BOSTON.'"

The alternate road uniform will be a combination of gray pants and blue jersey with "BOSTON" in red lettering across the chest.

No changes have been made to Boston's primary home uniforms. The alternate home red jerseys will still be used, and will now be accompanied by alternate hats which feature the new "Hanging Sox" logo. The alternate caps will also be worn on the road with the alternate blue tops.

"If you look at the outerwear that we wear on the road, we've pretty much gone to blue as a road color and red as the home color," said Dee. "This is really an exact continuation of that. We have blue dugout jackets on the road and red dugout jackets at home; blue BP jerseys on the road, red BP jerseys at home. This gives us a blue theme to the road uniform and then a blue alternate top."

The "circle Sox," which had been the primary logo, will now be the secondary logo and will now include better graphics and clearer font. The "B" will be the third logo.

Why the change to "Hanging Sox" as the primary logo?

"The decision to change was made given the long-time iconic stature of the 'Hanging Sox,' which possesses an instant appeal and recognition of the team," the club said in a press release.

All the changes were meant to be subtle in nature.

"There's several changes, but we think they're traditional in nature and aesthetically pleasing and will be warmly received by the fans," said Dee.

Manager Terry Francona and reliever Manny Delcarmen were on hand to model the new jerseys at Thursday's announcement. Rice, who is a candidate to be voted into the Hall of Fame next month, was also on hand, as was popular NESN commentator and former Sox second baseman Jerry Remy.

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