Morales hopes for full starting chance next year

Morales hopes for full starting chance next year

OAKLAND -- Red Sox lefty Franklin Morales, currently on the disabled list with left shoulder inflammation, looks forward to having an entire winter to train for being a starter.

Morales had mainly pitched as a reliever in recent years before becoming a starter for the Red Sox on the fly in June.

"I want to be a starter and work out and do what I need to do and make sure everything is going to be fine," Morales said.

Everything had been going well for him as a starter until he hit a sharp bump in the road in his final two starts.

The last time he pitched was against the Angels on Aug. 23, when he lasted just 2 2/3 innings.

"You know what? I think that day I felt very good and pretty strong and on one pitch, I felt something different in my body," Morales said. "I felt a little pinching. It's tough to throw like that."

Morales, who is eligible to come off the disabled list on Sept. 8, is confident he will be able to pitch before the season ends and hopes to return to the rotation.

"Yeah, I will [be back]," Morales said. "I like [starting], man. I try to do the best what I can every time. That's good for me and for the team. I try to throw and pitch and enjoy it."