Kalish unlikely to bat again this season

Kalish unlikely to bat again this season

BOSTON -- Ryan Kalish has probably taken his last at-bat for the Red Sox this season.

Boston manager Bobby Valentine confirmed on Sunday that Kalish is on the roster solely in case of an emergency, although he could pinch-run if necessary.

Kalish, who has struggled through neck and shoulder ailments, is no longer swinging a bat.

"I think he'll be on a program during the wintertime that will put his body and his mind in the exact place it needs to be [for him] to be the kind of player we need for next year," Valentine said.

Kalish has shuttled back and forth between the Sox and Triple-A Pawtucket, though he hasn't seen consistent at-bats throughout the season.

The 24-year-old outfielder has hit .229 with a .260 slugging percentage in 96 at-bats with Boston and .261 with a .414 slugging percentage in 111 at-bats with Pawtucket.

"The best at-bats I saw him have were tough at-bats," Valentine said. "He might have been 0-for-3 in the game and not looked good, and he came up in his fourth at-bat and really looked better. That's all I've seen. But they tell me I've never seen the real Ryan Kalish. So, to be continued."