Hand healing, Sweeney expects normal offseason

Hand healing, Sweeney expects normal offseason

NEW YORK -- Though a fractured bone in his left hand ended Ryan Sweeney's season on July 30, the outfielder expects to have a normal offseason, one that will have him ready to go by the start of Spring Training.

"I'm slowly working back into it. I'm just playing catch and stuff right now," said Sweeney. "I'm right where I need to be to start my workouts for the offseason. It's just that last stuff that needs to heal. I'm OK, but I'm still sore in the knuckle where they had to drill the screw in. I've been grabbing a bat, and it feels OK doing that."

In fact, Sweeney plans on hitting even earlier this winter than he usually does, probably taking his first swings at some point in late November.

For a while, Sweeney dwelled on the self-destructive nature of his injury. It happened when he punched a door following a bad at-bat, but he knows that negative thoughts aren't going to help his recovery.

"It's tough," Sweeney said. "Nobody wants to sit. It's unfortunate what happened. It's just something I've kind of put behind me and I'm just trying to get healthy for next year. It's been a tough couple of months for the team and the injury side of things, having a lot guys have to be shut down for the year."