Farrell to lay out expectations in team meeting

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox will hold their first full-squad workout on Friday morning, and it will be preceded by a team meeting that includes ownership, front office and all uniformed personnel.

But team president/CEO Larry Lucchino made it clear that this will be Farrell's meeting.

"Well, I think the message to be sent tomorrow will be done by our new manager, John Farrell," Lucchino said. "It's the first meeting of all 59 players who are here in camp. It's his meeting. We basically just introduce ourselves and say a sentence or two about our role and our commitment to winning, and I think the meeting will be John's, and I suspect it will continue to reflect the kind of good vibrations that seem to be emanating out of this place."

What will Farrell be looking to get across?

"Just setting out my expectations -- our expectations as a staff," Farrell said. "Obviously some basic rules will be discussed and expectations of Spring Training. The more they can understand what we're looking for, it takes away some of that initial wondering. As I've mentioned many times over, we as a team need to recognize that we have one heck of an opportunity in front of us.

"When you communicate what you expect, we can all be held accountable in our own way. That's not to be authoritative or be a dictator. It's to say, 'This is what we're about, and this is what we hope to get accomplished in Spring Training.' Once that's established, that's the vision we're all collectively moving toward."

Farrell isn't big on inundating his team with rules, but the ones he does put in place, he expects will be obeyed.

"Be on time and be professional," Farrell said. "Being professional encompasses a number of things. It's how you play the game. It's how you treat the people around it. It's how you treat the guy dressing next to you. This game will always be about the players, and yet we have to provide the boundaries in which we're going to operate."