Cherington addresses former Red Sox's comments

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Between Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford taking swipes at the chemistry in the Boston organization to Jonathan Papelbon speaking out about the club's former trainer, the Red Sox have seen no shortage of ugly headlines emanating from elsewhere.

General manager Ben Cherington addressed those comments on Saturday, emphasizing that his focus is on the here and now.

"These stories that have been out there," Cherington said, "are really about things that have happened in the past and not things going on now."

Papelbon told last week that he and other members of the Red Sox were regularly injected with Toradol, a legal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is controversial because of its side effects. Papelbon also made negative comments about former Red Sox trainer Mike Reinold, who was dismissed after last season.

"As everyone knows, we've gone through quite a bit of change the last two years," Cherington said. "It's been a two-year process of reorganizing the medical staff. It was all done with the intent of putting not just the most talented group together, but a group that would earn the players' trust and develop credibility with players."

Meanwhile, in Dodgers camp, both Gonzalez and Crawford had negative things to say about their time in Boston, with Crawford telling the Los Angeles Times it was a "toxic" atmosphere and Gonzalez telling USA Today there was not organization-wide chemistry.

In response, Cherington merely reiterated that the Red Sox did not make the mega-trade with the Dodgers last summer because of chemistry issues.

"It was a trade we felt made sense for the team at the time," Cherington said. "It was not about the players involved, in terms of any issues we had with them. Some of those guys have done a lot for the Red Sox over a long period of time. At the time we said we wish them well, and we still wish them well. We're focused on the guys we have here now."