Drew showing he's over ankle injury

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The more you see shortstop Stephen Drew going about his workouts, the more it becomes clear he is over the fractured right ankle that still hindered him during much of last season.

Drew is moving well from field to field, whether it is defensive drills or baserunning.

"There seems to be no ill effects of the ankle injury," said Red Sox manager John Farrell. "Through his ground ball work to the team defense that we've run through so far, he's very particular in just looking for feedback whether it's in between rounds of BP, to where the ball carries across the infield, trying to generate the exact rotation and backspin to keep it true. He's pretty meticulous in his work."

Farrell, who was Boston's pitching coach during four of J.D. Drew's five seasons with the Red Sox, noticed something different about the younger Drew.

"[Stephen] talks a lot more than J.D.," quipped Farrell.

Are their swings similar?

"Well, it's similar in the standpoint that, when I think about J.D. Drew and then I think about when Stephen was with the Diamondbacks, you could try to set up fastballs to both guys and they would never come off it," Farrell said. "They were always geared to the fastball. As much as you tried to change speeds on guys, they would always be geared to whatever velocity was being thrown on the mound that day. And that's how I view Stephen right now."