Francona sits Drew as a precaution

Francona sits Drew as a precaution

CLEVELAND -- J.D. Drew felt a twinge in his left quad on Sunday, which is never a good thing for a ballplayer.

Drew mentioned how the muscle felt to manager Terry Francona.

"Anytime somebody voices some concern like that, it's hard to keep him in the game," said Francona, who removed the right fielder in the eighth inning of Boston's 4-1 win over New York on Sunday at Fenway.

After some discussion, the Red Sox came to a consensus that it would be wiser for Drew to sit out Monday's opener vs. the Indians than to play. Nobody in Boston's dugout wanted to risk seeing a tweak become something that might land Drew on the disabled list for a couple of weeks.

"It was a group decision: 'Hey, let's get some ice on it and calm it down,' " Drew said. "Today, it feels pretty good."

As a precaution, Francona didn't have Drew's name in the starting lineup; he started Jeff Bailey in right.

A day of rest might keep Drew from turning a slight issue into a major one if, say, he's trying to track down a ball in the gap, trying to go from first base to third base or, well, trying to steal home, as teammate Jacoby Ellsbury did on Sunday night in a 4-1 win over the Yankees.

Drew was at the plate when it happened.

"I'm not the guy that steals home," he said, laughing. "I'm the guy that tries not to kill the guy who's stealing home."

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