Despite lack of familiarity, Farrell confident vs. Reds

Despite lack of familiarity, Farrell confident vs. Reds

BOSTON -- Tuesday's game between the Reds and Red Sox at Fenway Park marked the most unfamiliar opponent Boston has faced this season.

The two teams last met June 13-15, 2008, at Great American Ball Park and last played at Fenway from June 13-15, 2005.

Red Sox manager John Farrell understands the challenges, but he isn't concerned.

"The benefit of the system is that everyone has access to it," Farrell said. "You don't have to see them personally. It is there to use at your disposal. It'll give us a starting point."

The clubs have faced off just six times in Interleague action, with the Red Sox going 5-1 in those matchups. After a two-game series in Boston, the clubs will play again from Aug. 12-13 in Cincinnati.

"This is a two-game look," Farrell said. "We'll see them later on. You are going to use and employ the info you have. As we have done before, we adjust in-game if that is required.

"When you consider the infield shift, that's [third-base coach] Brian Butterfield. Regardless of who we play, because of lack of familiarity across the field, there's not going to be a change in how he arrives at the position. We're completely trusting of that."

Plenty of Red Sox players are relying on their knowledge of particular players to determine how they will play them in the field.

"Personal familiarity goes a long way, particularly in-game reading swings. Maybe a guy who is swinging later than normal, there might be a step or two that a guy would give naturally in his position," Farrell said. "In this case, we have to trust our process."

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