Bay is Sox's latest Silver Slugger

Bay is Sox's latest Silver Slugger

Perhaps when you consider the rich history of the Red Sox, the 2009 season could be looked at as a down year in terms of offseason hardware. But be that as it may, it's yet another year that saw a player from Boston get recognized for a standout season.

Early last week, left fielder Jason Bay capped another outstanding campaign at the plate by taking home his first Silver Slugger Award, giving the Red Sox 32 since the award began in 1980.

The Red Sox have now had an American League Silver Slugger Award winner in nine consecutive years, beginning in 2001. In that span, Boston has claimed a combined 13 Silver Sluggers, with 10 coming from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

In 151 games in 2009, Bay batted .267 while ranking third in the AL with 36 home runs and second with 119 RBIs. The homer and RBI totals were the highest in the three-time All-Star's seven-year career, and he also added 13 stolen bases.

"I'm very excited to have won my first Silver Slugger," Bay said through his agent, Joe Urbon, upon winning the award. "Especially given the talent of the outfielders of the American League, it's an honor."

But Bay is just the latest in a long line of Red Sox players to be honored.

As recently as last year, Boston had an AL Most Valuable Player in Dustin Pedroia, who won the Rookie of the Year the season before.

In total, they've had 10 MVPs -- starting with Jimmie Foxx in 1938 -- six Rookie of the Year Award winners, two Managers of the Years, six Cy Youngs -- with a combined five coming from Rogers Clemens and Pedro Martinez -- 35 Rawlings Gold Gloves -- seven of which were claimed by Carl Yastrzemski -- two pitching Triple Crowns and three batting Triple Crowns, 25 batting champions, 17 home run champions, 10 strikeout champions ... and a partridge in a pear tree, if you will.

This year, however, Pedroia and the versatile Kevin Youkilis both deserved consideration for Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards, but each came up short.

The Baseball Writers' Association of America's awards will continue on Tuesday, with the announcement of the AL Cy Young Award winner, followed by both leagues' Manager of the Years on Wednesday and the NL Cy Young on Thursday.

The AL MVP will be named next Monday, followed by the NL MVP on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

After guiding the Red Sox to their fifth postseason appearance in the last six years, Terry Francona could be considered a candidate for AL Manager of the Year. But he's got plenty of stiff competition, and it's very likely that Bay will end up being the only recipient of hardware for the Red Sox this offseason.

But at least they have plenty to spare.

National Awards
Manager of the Year Relief Man Award Cy Young
John McNamara1986Bill Campbell1977Jim Lonborg1967
Jimy Williams1999Tom Gordon1998Roger Clemens1986-87, '91
Pedro Martinez1999-2000
ROY MVP Rawlings Gold Glove
Walt Dropo1950Jimmie Foxx1938PlayerYear
Don Schwall1961Ted Williams1946, '49Frank Malzone, 3B1957-59
Carlton Fisk1972Jackie Jensen1958Jim Piersall, OF1958
Fred Lynn1975Carl Yastrzemski1967Jackie Jensen, OF1959
Nomar Garciaparra1997Fred Lynn1975Carl Yastrzemski, OF1963, '65, '67-69, '71, '77
Dustin Pedroia2007Jim Rice1978George Scott, 1B1967-68, '71
Roger Clemens1986Reggie Smith, OF1968
Mo Vaughn1995Carlton Fisk, C1972
Dustin Pedroia2008Doug Griffin, 2B1972
Fred Lynn, OF1975, '78-80
Dwight Evans, OF1976, '78-79, '81-85
Rick Burleson, SS1979
Ellis Burks, OF1990
Tony Pena, C1991
Jason Varitek, C2005
Kevin Youkilis, 1B2007
Dustin Pedroia, 2B2008
Silver Slugger This Year in Baseball
Dwight Evans1981, '87Bill Mueller (Performance)2003
Carney Lansford1981David Ortiz (Hitter)2004, '05
Wade Boggs1983, '86-'89, '91Terry Francona (Manager)2004
Jim Rice1983Mike Lowell (Defensive Player)2006
Don Baylor1986Hideki Okajima (Setup Man)2007
Mike Greenwell1988Manny Ramirez (Oddity)2007
Ellis Burks1990Josh Beckett (Starting Pitcher)2007
Mo Vaughn1995Clay Buchholz (Performance)2007
John Valentin1995Jonathan Papelbon (Closer)2007
Nomar Garciaparra1997J.D. Drew (Postseason Moment)2007
Manny Ramirez2001-'06Jon Lester (Performance)2008
Bill Mueller2003Jacoby Ellsbury (Defensive Player)2009
David Ortiz2004-'07
Jason Varitek2005
Dustin Pedroia2008
Jason Bay2009
Local Awards
Thomas A. Yawkey (Team MVP) Pitcher of the Year Harry Agganis (Team ROY)
Jim Turner1937Jim Turner1937Ted Williams1939
Jimmie Foxx1938Johnny Vander Meer1938Dom DiMaggio1940
Joe Cronin1939No award1939Dick Newsome1941
Johnny Cooney1940No award1940No award1942
Ted Williams1941No award1941No award1943
No award1942Dick Newsome1942No award1944
No award1943No award1943Dave Ferriss1945
No award1944No award1944No award1946
Tommy Holmes1945Dave Ferriss1945Sam Mele, Earl Torgeson1947
Ted Williams1946Johnny Sain1946Billy Goodman1948
Bob Elliott1947Spec Shea1947Del Crandall1949
Johnny Sain1948Johnny Sain1948Walter Dropo, Sam Jethroe1950
Ted Williams1949Ellis Kinder1949Chet Nichols1951
Billy Goodman1950No award1950Sam White, Eddie Mathews1952
Ellis Kinder1951Ellis Kinder1951Tom Umphlett1953
Walker Cooper1952No award1952Tom Brewer1954
Ellis Kinder1953Ellis Kinder1953Billy Klaus1955
Jackie Jensen1954No award1954Dave Sisler1956
Ted Williams1955No award1955Frank Malzone1957
Jim Piersall1956Tom Brewer1956Ted Bowsfield1958
Frank Malzone1957Frank Sullivan1957Jerry Casale1959
Jackie Jensen1958Ike Delock1958No award1960
Frank Malzone1959Warren Spahn1959Carl Yastrzemski, Chuck Schilling, Don Schwall1961
Vic Wertz1960Mike Fornieles1960Dick Radatz1962
Chuck Schilling1961Don Schwall1961Dave Morehead1963
Eddie Bressoud1962Dick Radatz1962Tony Conigliaro1964
Carl Yastrzemski1963Bill Monbouquette1963Jim Gosger1965
Dick Radatz1964Dick Radatz1964George Scott1966
Carl Yastrzemski1965Earl Wilson1965Mike Andrews, Reggie Smith1967
Tony Conigliaro1966Don McMahon1966No award1968
Carl Yastrzemski1967Jim Lonborg1967Mike Nagy1969
Ken Harrelson1968Dick Ellsworth, Ray Culp1968Billy Conigliaro1970
Rico Petrocelli1969Ray Culp1969Doug Griffin1971
Carl Yastrzemski1970Ray Culp1970Carlton Fisk1972
Reggie Smith1971Sonny Siebert1971No award1973
Carlton Fisk1972Luis Tiant1972Rick Burleson1974
Tommy Harper1973Bill Lee, Luis Tiant1973Fred Lynn, Jim Rice1975
Carl Yastrzemski1974Luis Tiant1974Butch Hobson1976
Fred Lynn1975Luis Tiant1975Mike Paxton, Don Aase1977
Carl Yastrzemski1976Luis Tiant1976Jim Wright1978
Carlton Fisk1977Bill Campbell1977Chuck Rainey1979
Jim Rice1978Dennis Eckersley1978Dave Stapleton1980
Rick Burleson1979Dennis Eckersley1979Rich Gedman, Bobby Ojeda1981
Rick Burleson1980Tom Burgmeier1980Wade Boggs1982
Dwight Evans1981Mike Torrez1981No award1983
Dwight Evans1982Bob Stanley1982Roger Clemens, Jackie Guttierrez, Al Nipper1984
Jim Rice1983Bob Stanley1983Steve Lyons1985
Dwight Evans, Tony Armas1984No award1984No award1986
Wade Boggs1985Oil Can Boyd1985Ellis Burks1987
Roger Clemens1986Roger Clemens1986Jody Reed1988
Dwight Evans1987Roger Clemens1987No award1989
Mike Greenwell1988Bruce Hurst1988Dana Kiecker1990
Nick Esasky1989Roger Clemens1989Phil Plantier1991
Roger Clemens1990Roger Clemens1990Bob Zupcic1992
Roger Clemens1991Roger Clemens1991Aaron Sele1993
Roger Clemens1992Roger Clemens1992Carlos Rodriguez1994
Mo Vaughn1993Danny Darwin1993Troy O'Leary1995
Mo Vaughn1994Roger Clemens1994No award1996
Mo Vaughn1995Tim Wakefield1995Nomar Garciaparra1997
Mo Vaughn1996Roger Clemens1996Jason Varitek1998
Nomar Garciaparra1997Tom Gordon1997Trot Nixon, Brian Daubach1999
Nomar Garciaparra1998Pedro Martinez1998No award2000
Pedro Martinez1999Pedro Martinez1999Shea Hillenbrand2001
Pedro Martinez2000Pedro Martinez2000Casey Fossum2002
Trot Nixon2001Hideo Nomo2001No award2003
Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe2002Pedro Martinez2002Kevin Youkilis2004
Jason Varitek2003Derek Lowe2003No award2005
David Ortiz2004Curt Schilling2004Jonathan Papelbon2006
David Ortiz2005Tim Wakefield2005Dustin Pedroia2007
David Ortiz2006Jonathan Papelbon2006Jacoby Ellsbury2008
Mike Lowell2007Josh Beckett2007Daniel Bard2009
Dustin Pedroia2008Jon Lester2008
Kevin Youkilis2009Jon Lester2009  
Fireman of the Year Jackie Jensen Tony Conigliaro
Ellis Kinder1951Tony Pena1990Jim Eisenreich (KC)1990
No award1952Jeff Gray1991Dickie Thon (PHI)1991
Ellis Kinder1953Steve Palermo (AL ump)1992Jim Abbott (CAL)1992
No award1954Andre Dawson1993Bo Jackson (KC)1993
Ellis Kinder1955No award1994Mark Leiter (CAL)1994
Ike Delock1956Tim Naehring1995Scott Radinsky (CWS)1995
No award1957Bill Haselman1996Curtis Pride (DET)1996
No award1958Jeff Frye1997Eric Davis (BAL)1997
No award1959Bret Saberhagen1998Bret Saberhagen (BOS)1998
Mike Fornieles1960Jason Varitek1999Mike Lowell (FLA)1999
No award1961Pete Schourek (OAK)2000Kent Mercker (ANA), Tony Saunders (FLA)2000
Dick Radatz1962Brian Daubach2001Jason Johnson (BAL), Graeme Lloyd (MON)2001
No award1963Tim Wakefield2002Jose Rijo (CIN)2002
Dick Radatz1964Kevin Millar2003Jim Mecir (OAK)2003
No award1965Johnny Damon2004Dewon Brazelton (TB)2004
No award1966Johnny Damon2005Aaron Cook (COL)2005
No award1967Mike Lowell2006Freddy Sanchez (PIT)2006
No award1968Kevin Youkilis2007Jon Lester (BOS)2007
Sparky Lyle1969Kevin Youkilis2008Rocco Baldelli (TB)2008
No award1970Nick Green2009
Bil Lee1971
No award1972
Bob Bolin1973
No award1974
Dick Drago1975
Bill Campbell1976
Bill Campbell1977
Bob Stanley1978
Dick Drago1979
Tom Burgmeier1980
Mark Clark1981
Bob Stanley1982
Bob Stanley1983
No award1984
No award1985
No award1986
No award1987
Lee Smith1988
Rob Murphy1989
Jeff Reardon1990
No award1991
No award1992
Jeff Russell, Greg Harris1993
Ken Ryan1994
Rick Aguilera1995
Heathcliff Slocumb1996
Jim Corsi1997
Tom Gordon1998
Derek Lowe1999
Derek Lowe2000
No award2001
Ugueth Urbina2002
No award2003
Keith Foulke2004
Mike Timlin2005
Jonathan Papelbon2006
Jonathan Papelbon2007
Jonathan Papelbon2008
Jonathan Papelbon2009
Tommy McCarthy Memorial Good Guy
Eddie Popowski1966
Ed Kenney1967
Neil Mahoney1968
No award1969
Dan Osinski1970
Haywood Sullivan1971
Jack Rogers1972
Duane Josephson1973
No award1974
Bill Crowley1975
Tommy Harper1976
Rico Petrocelli1977
No award1978
No award1979
Jack Brohamer1980
Tommy McCarthy1981
Johnny Pesky1982
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Eddie Yost1985
Walter Underhill1986
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Frank Malzone1988
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Ernie Harwell1992
John F. Donovan Jr.1993
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Rich Garces2000
Jonny Miller2001
Johnny Damon2002
Joe Cochran2003
Joe Castiglione2004
J.P. Villaman2005
Ron Jackson2006
Mike Lowell2007
Sean Casey2008
John Farrell2009

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